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Total Facilities Management


Our facilities management services are tailored to the needs of our customers.

The goal is always to provide cost effective solutions, ensure safety, and improve the life cycle management of buildings and equipment.

A capable technical staff member is available 24/7.



We have experiencing managing 36 facilities representing 311,000 square feet in 7 counties, and provide property management to 46 leased residences.

Our technical team supports operations at a Military Preparatory School providing housing, classrooms, athletic facilities, synthetic fields, outdoor track and a dining facility to approximately 250 students.


• All physical plants, internal and external
• Work Order management
• Plumbing
• Irrigation
• Electrical Systems
• Building management System
• Roads, Grounds, and Synthetic Turf field
• Equipment and appliance maintenance


• Structural
• Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and lifesaving systems
• Landscape /hardscape/athletic synthetic fields
• Utilities system and operations
• Work order priority
• 24/7 monitoring of critical building systems